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Pixel8 - an iOS pixel art game. Complete fun and challenging levels against the clock, how quick can you pixel?

How quick can you pixel?

Pixel 8 is an easy-to-play but hard-to-master test of your artistic observation and digital dexterity! Can you beat the clock as you re-create our pixelated masterpieces in record time and unlock all the Galleries?

Over 350 Images!

An extensive and regularly updated set of images to play through

Beat the Clock!

Find the right balance between speed and accuracy.

Creation Mode

Use the in-game editor to create and share your own 8x8 art

Intuitive and Fun

Easily accessible for people of all ages

Social Integration

Share your own creations on Facebook and Twitter

Take Part

The top 100 shared Image Creator images will be added to a free gallery update.

Family Friendly

'Toddler Mode' lets budding artists play at their own pace.

Award Winning

Pixel 8 took third place in the Pocket Gamer's 'Big Indie Pitch' competition at Develop.

there's something oddly satisfying about getting every pixel and every colour exactly right

Pocket Gamer

It's a clever little concept, I must admit

Carter Dotson | Touch Arcade

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