Pixel 8 is out now!


We’ve been excited about this one for quite some time, and now Pixel 8 is now available in the Apple AppStore.

It’s here and it looks a bit like this!


“Pixel 8 is an easy-to-play but hard-to-master test of your artistic observation and digital dexterity! Can you beat the clock as you re-create our pixelated masterpieces in record time and unlock all the Galleries?”

Pixel 8 is a free-with-ads game. Any IAP purchase will also remove ads,  which we felt seemed like a decent approach to it.

The three galleries available now are;

The Main Gallery - 250 images to play through

IMG_0457  IMG_0385

The Pattern Gallery - 100 pattern themed images to test you

IMG_0452   IMG_0454

The Animal Gallery (IAP) - 100 animal themed images

IMG_0388   IMG_0451

And there’s much more to come!

In the next couple of weeks our first content update comes out with;

The Halloween Gallery (free) - 100 chilling levels to terrify you to your very CORE!!!!
IMG_0601   IMG_0638

The Character Gallery (IAP) – 100 pixellated people to perplex your pointers

9   10

..and even more planned for the future


Custom Exhibit - build you own playable exhibit using the image creator

Challenges - support for gamecenter challenges, take on your friends

Local 2 player mode (iPad) – two pixel boards, one screen in a head to head pixel-off

Content update 2 – TBC??   Christmas Gallery (free) and Science Gallery (IAP)

Community Gallery (free) - A collection of the best images created and shared by Pixel 8 players

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